Maps of Greece, paprika, pencils and the sketchbook

Greece Sketchbook

TechniqueWatercolor / Pencils


While travelling Greece, I filled a small Moleskin skechtbook with life-drawings. It has been the most inspiring resource for my work so far. Though the process of painting was not romantic at all, as one might imagine. I remember being wrapped in a heavy black sweater for sun protection while melting away on the stairs of the Acropolis, almost trampled to death by thousands of Flip Flops.

Kalambaka tree in Kastraki Meteora Monasteries and a street in Kastraki guy in his workshop, river valley and Olympus Mountain donkeys carry food supplies to the refuge Litochoro, a tree and Mytikas Mytikas Spilios Agapitos and a kayak kayak and rocks goat shelters beach in Sithonia Kalamitsi Parthenon Temple of Athena bronze sculptures ferry and Piraeus harbour street on Milos Island Sykia Cave Sailboat and Kimolos Island vulcanic rocks on Milos Old Sulphur Mines Folegandros Island old bus olive trees on Naxos Island old doors old jeep and ruins at Olympia greek sculptures corinthian helmets and church in Patras goats sunset in Igoumenitsa materials: sketchbook, colored pencils, watercolor set and pocket brush