Remove hind legs
before consumption

formatanimated short film
directed byFinn Meisner, Leslie Herzig & Lukas Wind
MusicLeo Brennauer
SoftwareBlender, DaVinci Resolve
ProductionLucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


In an insect food farm, millions of crickets are being bred, frozen, packaged and fried. The ordinary everyday process in the farm is a one-time catastrophe for the crickets and usually ends with their certain death. Nevertheless, one cricket survives and escapes.

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Remove hind legs before consumption

Direction Finn Meisner, Leslie Herzig, Lukas Wind
Music Leo Brennauer
Sounddesign and Mix Jorrit Stadelmann, Thomas Gassmann, Luzian Zwicky
Budapest Scoring Orchestra Conductor: György Gulyás-Nagy, Session Producer: Bálint Sapszon, Orchestra coordinator: Bertalan Veér, Recording Engineer: Dénes Rédly
Foleys Dieter Hebben
Music Mix Daniel Dettwiler @ Idee und Klang Studio
Voices Eva Birrer, Tom von Arx, Susanne von Fioreschy-Weinfeld
Piano Recordings Benjamin Zurfluh
Mentor Dustin Rees
Story Development Ted Sieger, Paul Bush
Dossier Mentors Gerd Gockell, Ted Sieger
Thesis Mentors Christian Gasser, Franziska Trefzer
Editing Support Dominik Gehring
Line Producing Marwan Eissa
Techincal Support Patxi Aguirre, Jean First, Jeroen Visser
Assistant Jane Mumford, Kat Woodtli
Secretary Daniela P. Meier
Grahpics Carla Wasseroth
Additional Animation Raul Bison, Yangtso Koondhor, Dario Marti, Anna Müller, Jill Vágner, Marion Zeder, Lea Zuppiger
Additional Modeling Markley Cahn von Seelen, Flavio Flüeler, Raoul Hayoz
Additional Concept Art Hugo Lotter
Executive Producer Gerd Gockell
Production HSLU Design & Kunst / BA Animation Jürgen Haas
Co-Production SRF / Editorial SRF: Gabriela Bloch Steinmann

Technical information

Origin Switzerland
Year 2022
Duration 3'56''
Technique 2D / 3D
Size 1998x1080
Format DCP
Aspect Flat 1.85
Sound 5.1 Surround
ISAN 0000-0006-67DB-0000-S-0000-0000-R
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